About Annette

    “Amazing”, “Captivating”, “Enthusiastic”, “Inspiring” 

    are words audiences use to describe Annette Stanwick as Professional Speaker and Freedom Facilitator.

    Her keynote presentations, seminars and workshops are full to the brim with real-life stories and life-changing principles that leave a deep and lasting impact on a wide variety of audiences. She inspires, empowers and encourages people in the things that matter most in their lives – their family, their relationships, their faith, and their jobs.

    “Annette Stanwick talks about things we all need to hear, in ways no one else could possibly talk about!”

    nursing graduate, Annette has decades of experience as a nurse, educator and health care executive. She served in senior positions of several hospitals in Canada, including Vice President of a large hospital in Toronto and as Vice President, Medical Affairs of the world renowned Gimbel Eye Centre. With her background as a health care professional, working closely with physicians and other health care professionals, she became known for her expertise in:


    • Relationship development

    • Team building

    • Conflict resolution

    Along with her successful professional achievements, Annette has also overcome some major difficult personal challenges that have contributed to the strong courageous woman she is today. Her faith and persistent positive attitude have sustained her through life’s trials as she:

    • Spent three years as a nurse in Ethiopia

    • Escaped an attempted abduction

    • Experienced the terror of being shot at and

    • Survived a nearly-fatal head on collision requiring months of hospitalization

    Later, she lost her beloved brother to murder. As a result of her deep faith in Godshe felt led to forgive her brother’s murderers publicaly in the courtroom.  The experience of forgiveness was so life altering she developed a passion to help other people let go of their own painful experiences.

    Annette is a joyful, enthusiastic and fearless woman with a passion for living life to the fullest.

    Her award-winning bookFORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE”is transforming lives and hearts of individuals from all types of backgrounds and all types of circumstances.

    As a GLOBAL FREEDOM FACILITATOR, Annette empowers people to stretch, grow and overcome whatever holds them back from being the very best they can be.  She puts the “free” in freedom and gets excited when people release the stronghold of their grudges, gripes and grief that are keeping them stuck in painful situations.

    Annette is sought after as a speaker. Her motivational and inspirational keynotes and seminars have touched diverse audiences of:

    • Women

    • Corporations

    • Professional associations

    • Entrepreneurs

    • University students

    • Churches

    • Prison inmates  

    • The Homeless

    “Words are the voice of the heart.”

    Her inspirational messages come from the heart. She is driven to do what she does because she values relationships, family, freedom and peace.

    Annette is:

    •  Recipient of the Integrity Award for Personal and Professional Excellence presented by Rotary International.
    •  Nominee for Fearless Woman Of Calgary
    •  Recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who.
    •  A former Show Host on The Women’s Information Network, a premier media and social network for women-world-wide. Her show  FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE! has empowered women in navigating the rough spots on their life journey .



    Annette and her husband Clay co-facilitate seminars as a team for various population groupsClay is an inspirational speaker and  former Church Pastor .

    Clay’s experiences of life have included cattle Ranching, teaching agriculture in Ethiopia and pastoring churches in Alberta and Ontario, Canada and doing marital and pre-marital counselling.



    They bring balance to their busy life through: numerous creative pursuits, enjoying the thrill of life with their two daughters and their families and motorcycling. They have loved riding their Harley motorcycles through majestic mountain passes, relishing the sense of freedom and power along with the natural wonders of nature that surround them as they ride and have just recently stopped motorcycling.







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