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    “FORGIVENESS:The Mystery and Miracle”

    “I read your book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE two weeks ago and I don’t even know what to say.  I have been putting the “personal applications” in your book to use daily.
     I have a few shelves full of self-help books.  I have been to seminars and through intense therapy.  Your book is far-and-away the most impactful tool I have seen and used.
    I am truly beginning to feel like a different person.

     Thank you for so bravely and honestly providing an account of your experiences, your failures and your deepest thoughts.  You are truly a courageous woman with an incredible message.  Thank you for sharing it with me and showing me how I can find true peace and happiness in my life.  Thank you for this incredible gift.”

    Heath Miller

    In this masterpiece of personal growth and triumph, Annette Stanwick turns the aftermath of a tragic murder into a model for healing.

    Les Hewitt, Top Performance Business Coach
    International Best Selling Author, “The Power of Focus”

    Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle is a gift to us all since no one avoids the reality of needing to deal withforgiveness, including the challenging reality of forgiving ourselves. To open her heart and soul to the world is an act of courageous vulnerability, and in doing so, Annette Stanwick has outlined a blueprint for living with power and passion, regardless of any pain that has become part of our life journey. Anyone who takes the message of this book to heart will also be released to find the freedom, peace and power that God ultimately wants for us all.

    Bill Spangler, Marketing Director,
    CHOICES Unlimited Seminars

    Annette Stanwick invites readers to walk with her on a journey from devastation and anger to healing and forgiveness in the wake of trying to cope with the murder of her brother. Her purpose in not merely to share her story but to offer others a way to deal with tragedy and injustice that follows the example of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Warren P. Trenchard, Ph.D.
    La Sierra University, Calif.

    It is my experience as a Professional Therapist that until the emotion of grief (due to losses in life), is expressed and worked through, individual hearts cannot be open to experiencing the joys and satisfactions of life. Forgiveness is the key aspect of this healing process.

    In Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle, Annette Stanwick bares the deep woundedness of her heart to us. She highlights how her choice to forgive as Jesus forgave and taught, leads her to freedom and love, and away from remaining stuck in woundedness. This book will inspire the reader to consider Annette’s practical suggestions to transformation and new life. It will bring renewed hope to all who seek healing.

    Marilyn K. Smelski, Ph.D., R.S.W.
    Registered Social Worker in Clinical Private Practice

    Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle reveals the resiliency of the human spirit and how positive choices can lead to freedom and peace in spite of the agonizing reality of disappointment and pain. Through the powerful personal quest for healing, and the model Annette Stanwick shares in this book, we are encouraged to seek healing from our own wounds. This book encourages us to face challenges head on, determining not to allow the struggles of life to embitter, but rather to focus on letting go of those things that bind our hearts. This book will help you focus on finding your way.

    Fran Hewitt,
    Internationally acclaimed workshop facilitator
    Co-Author of Bestseller: “The Power of Focus for Women”

    In Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle an anguished soul opens to us as Annette Stanwick shares her story of family losses, intensified by the horrific murder of her dear brother Soren. We are privileged to learn from a spiritual journey that demanded the full expression of her woundedness in an effort to move towards the forgiveness of her brother’s murderer that set her free to love deeply again.Her story of profound suffering leads all of us to realize ourneed for courage, honesty, prayer, forgiveness and ultimately God.

    Rev. Bob Glasgow,
    Grief Support Program Coordinator
    Calgary Health Region,

    “I chose to forgive my grand-daughter who nearly destroyed our lives.  Without this book it would not have been possible!”

    Maureen Littman ,

    A gift to humanity! The world needs this book to guide us ever upward in the spiral dance of healing. The author’s pristine transparent voice carries the painful story shared by too many families who have lost loved ones to murder. It carries a message of hope to all who have abruptly found themselves belonging to a club for which they have not signed up.Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle invites the reader to process experiences of loss through questioning and prayer. A welcomed uplifting companion to those who are ready for the journey – the freeing journey of forgiveness!

    Lucille Mandin, Ph.D.
    University of Alberta


    “After reading your book, I am totally blown away by your experiences, your message of forgiveness and then by the opportunities you continue to take to help those who are hurting and even forgotten.

    Your book is beautiful and very eloquently written and I marvel at your ability to tell such rich stories, express your thoughts, feelings, offerings and prayers in such a powerful and healing way.

    I was truly touched personally and I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you and to have you and your husband Clay stay in our Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast.

    Thank you for all you do to help people heal and find freedom and peace through forgiveness and letting go.”

     Corrine Wolfe
    Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast


     “Stanwick’s tale offers rare insight into personal nature and devastating effects of capital crimes…….it is a trenchant account of one women’s spiritual reckoning with her brother’s killer”

    Chuck Shelton
    Kirkus Reviews

     “…Readers will find her faith refreshingly reassuring…….Stanwick has written an inspirational book for readers who are dealing with any type of loss. There is no guile or hidden agenda within her book. She makes no promises and doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulty involved in any type of forgiveness.”

    Lee Gooden
    ForeWord CLARION Reviews

     “Even though tears and emotions erupted as I read the book, her story gave me opportunity to give voice to my grief, and to appreciate the divine power of forgiveness…..she states, ‘I will let you glimpse how God used the aftermath of a human atrocity to transform my undeserving heart, setting me in a direction, I would never have chosen on my own.”

    Dr.Nancy Doetzel
    The Carillon, of the Diocese of Calgary

     “The story itself is worth reading; the application, exploration and prayer following each chapter provide valuable truths. If you or someone you know struggles with forgiveness, this book will help.’

    Charlene Hanson
    City Light News,

    Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle is a must read for anyone who has ever been hurt in anyway. We all struggle with the ability to forgive someone when they do something wrong or hurtful to us. This book helps you to see the steps needed to be able to let go of your anger and sadness and forgive. Annette Stanwick shares the sad story of the murder of her brother. She explains what it was like to deal with that tragic event in her life. The workbook questions found in the book are a great way to reflect on events in our life. I lost my dad at a very young age and have had a hard time forgiving myself for not telling him goodbye that day before he left for work. I was in such a hurry to get ready for school. This book has helped me let go of those feelings and forgive myself.

    Heather Shockney
    Greensboro, PA USA

    Forgiveness is the miracle that releases the chains of bitterness, allowing us to experience freedom and peace at last. If that is not the truth then nothing is. It is amazing that I came across this book at such a time in my life. I know it is by the grace of the Lord that this happened. Having faced a death recently and also battling with forgiveness in more than one way, including forgiveness to myself this book is amazing. I feel like I want to do lunch with Annette!

    Cheryl H.

    Annette Stanwick has written a very powerful book, here. Starting with the murder of her very beloved brother, Soren, Annette brings us on her life-journey to finding peace and the ability to forgive her brother’s murder and move forward in her life from this senseless tragedy.

    At the end of each chapter of this incredible story, Mrs. Stanwick has included workbook-like exercises called “Personal Applications” that assist the reader in putting the things Annette learned in each chapter into relevant use in their own lives. There are also scripture quotes and prayers accompanying each chapter.

    This book, while written by a Christian woman, and having a somewhat Christian focus, is not just for Christians. Non-Christians, and non-believers will find it to be just as worth reading as Christians will. There are lessons in this book that all of us could do with learning.

    Forgiveness is a difficult thing for me, and I have been struggling with it for years. This book leaves me asking myself the question: “Who might I be, if I learned to forgive those who have hurt me and just let go?”  I think I want to find out, now.

    Jenn Thomas
    DFW Area, TX, USAThanks to your book, your story and how you share in such meaningful ways, I have made giant strides on my path toward forgiveness.  Your book will remain a constant  guide as I continue on my journey toward healing.
    Sue E. , Regina, Sask.

    What would our world be like if we all truly learned and practiced forgiveness?
    May the gift of your book be spread far and wide.
    Jorji, Utah, USA