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    Strathmore Relationship Seminar News Release


    February 6, 2017



     Strathmore Relationship Champions reveal vital strategies for making marriages

    and other partnering relationships more meaningful, happy & healthy 

    Strathmore, AB – On March 11, 2017, the seminar “IGNITE YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO LAST A LIFETIME, co-facilitated by Relationship Champions Clay & Annette Stanwick will inspire Strathmore and surrounding area residents in discovering new perspectives, valuable strategies along with experiencing fun & focused interaction. The facilitators are role models who understand the struggles and pit falls almost all relationships experience from time to time, but they’ve mastered the secrets of keeping relationships healthy and vibrant despite the pot holes many couples struggle to navigate. Read the rest of this entry »

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17, 2016



     International Speaker, Award-winning Author and former Aberdeen resident, Annette Cornforth-Stanwick, shares insights and inspiration
    with Aberdeen residents and students.

     Aberdeen, Idaho – On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, the seminar “FORGIVE – LET GO, – LIVE FREE!” presented by Annette Cornforth-Stanwick will assist attendees in eliminating negative emotions, painful past experiences and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck in painful past experiences.

    People hang onto anger, bitterness, fear and resentment as a result of difficult and hurtful situations in their relationships, communities, workplace and schools as well as in their own homes. Unless individuals know how to let go of painful experiences, they can carry negative emotions for a very long time – even the rest of their lives.

    Stanwick’s enthusiasm and passion for helping others release negative emotions and painful experiences comes from her intimate experience with the life changing power of forgiveness. When her brother, Soren Cornforth – a former Aberdeen resident, was murdered in Virginia, she never dreamed she would publicly forgive his killer in the courtroom.

    As a Speaker, Freedom Facilitator and Coach with decades of experience as a health care executive, Stanwick has studied psychology, leadership and human behavior and has authored the award-winning and best-selling book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY & MRACLE. The book is based on her knowledge and experiences with forgiveness and letting go but also addresses many painful situations we all experience from time to time.

    Stanwick’s father, Leonard S. Cornforth, a well-known Aberdeen resident, served on several local committees, was instrumental in establishing The Soil Conservation District and was elected to serve as a State Representative in the Idaho State Legislature.

    Stanwick says, “People ultimately search for happiness and freedom from pain.” Her books and inspirational presentations are helping thousands around the world to find freedom, peace and happiness in their lives.


    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 @ 7:00 – 9:00 pm
    Aberdeen Middle School
    318 West Washington
    Aberdeen, Idaho
    REGISTRATION FEE: $10 at the door
    Pre-register by calling:


    A recent attendee says:

    “I’ve lost 2 marriages and millions of dollars. People have hurt me and taken advantage of me. I haven’t always made good choices, but I learned from your seminar and book, that hanging onto bitterness, regret and hatred will only make me an angry bitter man. Forgiveness and letting go has changed my life and heart and I am at peace despite my struggles and ongoing sadness. Thank you for helping me to forgive and let go of so much pain!’                 Lawrence C


    Stanwick will also be presenting a message of “UNSTOPPABLE JOY” to King’s Daughters of First Mennonite Church on March 7 and will present anti-bullying messages to Aberdeen High School, Middle School and Elementary School students on Thursday, March 10.

    For more information or to book Annette for an interview please contact:

     Annette Cornforth-Stanwick (403-620-8165)


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    September 26, 2015
    contact: Annette Stanwick 
    (O)403-983-1844 , (C)403-620-8165  


     CALGARY- “Fear is a person’s greatest enemy.” says Annette Stanwick, speaker, author and Freedom Facilitator.It paralyzes us and prevents us from moving forward,” but she quickly adds, “There’s no shame in being afraid. It’s what we do when fears shows up that makes all the difference.”

    Fear and self-doubt show up when we feel insecure, uncertain or incapable of speaking up, facing a situation or taking some type of action. Holding onto fear prevents us from moving forward by letting our emotions and reactions dictate our happiness, freedom and even our success.

     By shining a light on the fears we all experience from time to time, Stanwick helps us   understand our fear and then reveals a formula to help individuals face their fears and overcome the self-limiting reactions we cling to like a shield of self-protection.

    Wednesday, October 7,   6:30-9:00 pm
    Radisson Hotel
    6500 67 St. Red Deer, AB

     BACKSTORY – Annette Stanwick is no stranger to fear and she understands the secrets and the struggles of overcoming those fears. She has experienced terrorizing fears but has also faced occasional irrational fears. She was shot at and escaped a violent attempted abduction in Ethiopia; recovered from a nearly fatal head-on collision, followed by hard work and many months of hospitalization; overcame a fear of injury by learning to ride a motorcycle; faced her brother’s murderer in the courtroom and then wrote the award-winning &
    best-selling book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY & MIRACLE.

     She says,When we face our fears and take steps to overcome them, we become stronger and more confident and capable of facing future issues with increased courage.

     Stanwick’s stories, strategies, Freedom Formula and meaningful interactions encourage, inspire and empower others to step outside the confinement of their fears, moving to a place of bold, brave & courageous living.

    She says, In a scary situation, a single spark of courage can ignite the fire of hope that sets you on the road to deep transformation.”

     For more information or to book Annette Stanwick for an interview please contact:

    Annette at (403) 983-1844 of (403) 620-8165 or email

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    Strathmore Seminar Oct

    Publishsed in Strathmore Times – Sept. 25, 2015

    Annette Stanwick is a best-selling author and international speaker, who brings a new seminar on releasing regrets, shame & guilt of the past to help individuals. To find out more, click here:Strathmore Seminar Oct

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    Annette Stanwick, Calgary Author, Speaker And Sister Of Murder Victim, has insights Re The Background and Mindset Of Vicious Killers

    Calgary, AB. – The recent killing of two Canadian soldiers inspires Annette Stanwick, Speaker and Author to share the unique insights she has gained from working intimately with more than 200 inmates serving life sentences for murder and other violent crimes.
    By shining a light on the backdrop and mindset of those who’ve committed hideous offences, she believes that understanding the background and circumstances of convicted killers may be helpful to the public, media and police in identifying potential criminals, understanding why they commit such horrific crimes and essentially preventing further dreadful crimes.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Annette Stanwick invited to be show host on The Women’s Information Network (TheWin)

    The Women’s Information Network Show FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE, provides helpful strategies for letting go of the hurts.

    Calgary, Alberta, March 1, 2010 – We live in a world of hurting, angry and fearful people.  It seems no one is immune in our homes and communities. Media headlines shout stories of lonely, hurting, abused and wounded people of every type.  Hurting people often hurt others, creating an unending cycle of bitterness and pain. We need a way to bring healing and relief into our painful places.

    Annette Stanwick says, “Forgiveness and letting go of the pain is a simple yet startling solution to solving the wounds we hang onto. We often refuse to forgive, because we want to lash out and hurt the one who hurt us.” Speaker, Author and Freedom Facilitator, Stanwick understands this because she lived it. She is a woman whose faith in God sustained her through extreme circumstances of trauma, trials and even the murder of her brother.

    Hosted by The Women’s Information Network Annette Stanwick’s new on-line show,  FORGIVE-LET GO- LIVE FREE!HYPERLINK is creating a pathway of hope and healing for women experiencing all types of wounds and all types of situations.

    As a FREEDOM FACILITATOR, her show aids listeners in overcoming painful life experiences, paralyzing fears and self-limiting beliefs; enabling them to move on to a life of freedom and peace. This show is full of authenticity, real life stories and practical solutions to the problems we all face from time to time.

    On her show FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE! you will:

    • learn to forgive and let go of the painful stuff of life
    • realize you’re not alone in your struggles
    • find steps to navigate the rough spots on your own unique journey

    ABOUT ANNETTE: Forgiveness is not just a theory for Annette Stanwick. Her award-winning book FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle chronicles her journey of healing that lead her to publicly forgive her brother’s murderer in the courtroom, resulting in a freedom and peace she never thought was possible.  The book also outlines a healing process that serves as a pathway of hope for individuals experiencing all types of wounds-big or small. Annette is sought after as an inspirational speaker with decades of experience as a health care executive. For more information visit  HYPERLINK“”

    ABOUT The Women’s Information Network (The WIN):

    The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) provides high-quality content and relevant solutions to a vibrant online and offline community of women worldwide. Audio and video shows are accessible in multiple media formats and presented by expert.  Show Hosts who focus on the needs and interests of women. Far more than just a content provider, the WIN allows women to connect and create relationships with like-minded women in ways no other entity has embraced. For more information, visit HYPERLINK “”.

    For information regarding FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE! or to book  interviews or speaking engagements, contact:

    Heart Message Productions
    Phone: 403-208-2181  © 403-620-8165

    March 1,2010

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    Annette Stanwick presents Life Lessons: “Letting Go And Living Free”

    CALGARY –   On November 6th, at 7:00 pm, the second LIFE LESSONS seminar will be held in the Silver Springs Community Centre.  “LETTING GO AND LIVING FREE” will focus on “Strategies For Eliminating Grudges, Gripes And Grief That Keep Us Stuck.”

    The November 6 LIFE LESSONS’ speaker will be Calgary’s award winning author Annette  Stanwick, who also serves as Vice President of the world-renowned Gimbel Eye Centre.

    “Stanwick is no stranger to difficult life experiences,” says Elissa Oman, chair of the mastermind group planning the evening’s events. “Annette has endured a nearly fatal motor vehicle accident, the murder of her brother along with numerous other life struggles.  Nonetheless her enthusiasm for life is an example of the resiliency of the human spirit and a faith in God that sustained her through difficult times.”

    Stanwick is a speaker and Freedom Facilitator, whose enthusiasm and passion have inspired countless audiences across North America with empowering insights for living life to the fullest.

    Recognizing we all face painful life experiences, her deep, real-life examples, coupled with successful strategies for overcoming any type of adversity will encourage participants to stretch and climb higher in their pursuit of a more fulfilling life.

    The first in the series of LIFE LESSONS seminars held in April with speaker Les Hewitt, drew a sell-out crowd.  The seminars, designed to help people simplify their lives in a complex world are sponsored by North Calgary Community Church.  The seminars are part of their community outreach program designed to aid the day-to-day lives of people in their community and surrounding areas.  Advance Tickets Required- $20.00    Teens are free with advance notice.

    Phone: 403-208-2181  Email:

    ANNETTE STANWICK: “LETTING GO AND LIVING FREE” Eliminating,grudges, grips and grief that keep us stuck-Nov.30,2009

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    Hurting people need help to heal wounds

    Media headlines shout stories of rage, murder, abuse, trauma, abandonment and loss of every type. Everyday we are reminded we live in a world of hurting, angry and fearful people.  It seems no one is immune.  Hurting people often hurt others, creating an unending cycle of bitterness and pain. We need a way to address the hurt and bring the healing power of God into our painful places.

    Author Annette Stanwick says, “Forgiveness is a simple yet startling solution to solving the wounds we experience almost daily. However, we often refuse to forgive, because rather than letting God handle the insult or painful experience, we want to lash out and hurt the one who hurt us.” The author understands this because she lived it. She is a woman whose faith in God sustained her through extreme circumstances of trauma, trials and deep loss.

    Forgiveness is not just a theory for author Annette Stanwick. The book “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle” is an amazing account of her own journey of healing that lead her to publicly forgive her brother’s murderer in the courtroom, resulting in a freedom and peace she never thought was possible.
    Not only does Stanwick share a compelling narrative of triumph over tragedy, she also creates a path of hope for her readers to heal through the use of insightful personal applications that make the book beneficial for their lives.  Each chapter also contains a process that gently guides them in exploring their own personal situation, giving this book a healing quality that aids individuals and groups in navigating their own painful or troublesome situations. A prayer at the end of each chapter enables the reader to bring God into their unique circumstances.
    Stanwick says, “The miracle of forgiveness is like being released from a prison; the prison of anger, resentment, bitterness, guilt and shame.   It’s like a huge burden is lifted and you finally are able to feel happiness and peace once again. That’s the experience God desires for us when we accept his gift of forgiveness and when we allow him to help us heal.”

    Rev. Bob Glasgow, Grief Support Program Coordinator says, “This profound book leads all of us to realize our need for courage, honesty, prayer, forgiveness and ultimately God.”

    Annette Stanwick has a passion for helping others find a way to rise above the difficult obstacles they face, encouraging them to make positive choices that encourage an intimate relationship with God, allowing him to create something meaningful from the troublesome situations in their lives.
    As a Freedom Facilitator and sought after speaker, with decades of experience, her enthusiastic messages come from the heart, inspiring audiences of Christian women, Christian college and university students, psychiatrists, professional counselors, organizational leaders, church groups, prison inmates, restorative justice interest groups and others.   Her presentations ignite individuals with courage to trust God and to be the best they can be regardless of their past or present circumstances.

    “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery And Miracle”, published by Heart Message Publishing retails for $18.95 and is available nationally at local and on-line book stores.

    For further information about “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle” and for further information about Annette Stanwick, speaker, author and Freedom Facilitator, please contact Sharon Castlen at 631-979-5990 or visit

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    Now available for Amazon Kindle

    P r e s s   R e l e a s e

    April 13, 2009

    Signalman and Heart Message Publishing Partner to Produce Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle for the Kindle
    Orlando Florida — Signalman Publishing has announced an agreement has been reached with Heart Message Publishing of Calgary, Alberta, Canada to produce Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle written by Annette Stanwick for the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

    Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle is the true story of a horrible family tragedy and the miracle surrounding the author’s response of forgiveness. “This was such an inspiring book to me, personally,” stated John McClure, president of Signalman Publishing. “I couldn’t imagine how I would react in this situation. To read about Mrs. Stanwick’s offer of forgiveness to the people that perpetrated this crime against her family made me think deeply about the love of God and so inspired me to do better in my own walk and relationships with others” McClure continued.


    Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle was first released as a hardcover book in 2007 and has garnered several awards including  from The Word Guild as the best non-fiction independently published book.


    About Signalman Publishing
    A unit of Kissimmee, Florida based Signalman Enterprises, LLC, Signalman Publishing is an electronic book publisher with a mission to bring non-fiction classics to Kindle readers everywhere.


    About Heart Message Publishing     

    Based in Calgary, Heart Message has a mission to publish and distribute quality inspirational books and materials that touch and transform lives and hearts around the world.




    Media contact:

    Phone: (407) 343-4853

    Heart Message Publishing website:

    Signalman Publishing website:

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    Calgary author receives two national awards as Canada offers apology

    CALGARY, ALBERTA – June 20, 2008…Annette Stanwick, Calgary resident and author received two national writing awards at a Gala premier event in Mississauga, Ontario June 11. Her book “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle” was chosen by The Word Guild as the best Non-Fiction Independently Published Book in addition to receiving the Award of Merit in the category of Life Stories.

    At the same time Stanwick was receiving these awards, Canadian media headlines shouted murder, abuse, suicide, betrayal, trauma, abandonment, and loss of every type punctuated by the Canadian government’s long overdue apology to its aboriginal population.

     The power of forgiveness and the timeliness of the message in Stanwick’s book present a profound yet startling solution at this time in local and Canadian history that can heal the wounds that create deep crevices of pain and bitterness in our homes, our communities and in our land.

    “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle” is an amazing account of how the author overcame the aftermath of the tragic murder of her brother.  She never dreamed she would feel led to publicly forgive her brother’s murderers in the courtroom. Her book answers the question asked by media, “How could you forgive your brother’s murderer?” Her courageous choice to forgive resulted in a profound freedom and peace that impassions her as she speaks to university students, corporate leaders, women’s groups, professional organizations and prison inmates.

    A prison inmate serving a life sentence shared a stunning revelation with Stanwick during a prison seminar.  “If only someone had told me as a child I didn’t have to hold onto anger and bitterness, maybe I wouldn’t have killed several members of my own family!”

    Maureen Littman says, “I chose to forgive my grand daughter who nearly destroyed our lives.  Without this book it would not have been possible!”

    Stanwick was among 230 authors from 8 provinces considered for awards in 31 categories presented by The Word Guild.  The author’s book was a finalist in the category of Relationships, and is also a finalist in 3 categories with the respected Indie Book Awards in the US.

    Stanwick, who considers herself a Freedom Facilitator is a business vice president and an international speaker whose motivational messages encourage audiences to climb higher and stretch farther as they search for freedom, peace and personal satisfaction in their lives.

    • For more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Annette Stanwick, please call Clay Stanwick at 403-208-2181 or e-mail or visit
    • “Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle,” published by Heart Message Publishing retails for $18.95 and is available nationally in Canada and the US at local and on-line bookstores and the author’s website



    CONTACT: Clay Stanwick ,, Ph:403-208-2181

    Heart Message Productions


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    Murder victim’s sister offers forgiveness to prisoners

    Calgary, Ab., Annette Stanwick author of “FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE” will be speaking about forgiveness to the patients and staff at Saskatoon’s Regional Psychiatric Centre February 12 and 13. She will make a free public presentation “THE MIRACLE OF FORGIVENESS-A VICTIM’S JOURNEY OF HEALING” at St. Thomas More Auditorium on the University of Saskatchewan campus at 7:00 pm February 12, meeting with Saskatoon’s Forensics Interest Group February 13.

    Anyone struggling with painful past experiences or those interested in learning more about forgiveness and restorative justice will benefit by the public presentation.

    Speaker, Author and Freedom Facilitator, Annette Stanwick is Vice President of the world-renowned Gimbel Eye Centre in Calgary. She boldly encourages people to rise above their painful past experiences and their own hurtful or devastating actions.

    Mrs. Stanwick asserts that unless we acknowledge and heal from painful past experiences, we can carry our wounds for a very long time, even going on to hurt others as a result of our own woundedness. Annette understands this well as her brother was violently murdered as a result of deep wounds in his assailants.  She publicly forgave her brother’s murderers in the courtroom.  Forgiveness absolutely changed her heart and life.

    Her passion to help others find freedom and peace in spite of their past is “A gift to humanity,” says Lucille Mandin. PhD, University of Alberta. The amazing account of forgiveness coupled with a healing process to help others deal with their own painful situations is found in her recently released book, “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle”.

    To schedule an interview with Annette Stanwick, please:
    Phone: 403-208-2181 or (c)403-620-8165             Fax:403-2082164


    Annette  Stanwick
    Inspirational Speaker, Author & Freedom Facilitator
    6620 62 Ave. NW
    Calgary, Alberta   T3B 3E8


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    How could you forgive your brother’s murderer?

    **“HOW COULD YOU FORGIVE YOUR BROTHER’S MURDERER?” is a question often asked of Calgary author Annette Stanwick. 11/2007 That question and many others regarding the amazing story of personal growth and triumph over the tragedy of murder will be the focus of “THE MIRACLE OF FORGIVENESS”, the Restorative Justice Event being held Friday November 23 at 7:00 pm at La Joie de Vivre, 1008-14 St SE, Calgary.

    In a powerful look at healing and restoration, Annette Stanwick and a former prisoner will share their personal stories of how murder changed their lives.

    Annette  Stanwick, Vice President-Medical Affairs of Calgary’s Gimbel Eye Centre is the author of the recently released book, forgiveness: The Mystery And Miracle.

    Forgiveness not only released the author from anger and resentment; it created a passion to help others heal from their own painful life experiences.

    Books will be available for purchase and signing following the presentations, question and answer period, and small group interaction.

    The Miracle of Forgiveness

    Do you need to forgive or be forgiven? To celebrate Restorative Justice Week, Community Justice Ministries has invited two individuals (a former prisoner and a family member* of a victim) to share personal stories of their experience of murder and how it has changed their lives. Following their presentations, there will be a time for questions, as well as an opportunity for small group discussions. The evening promises to be a powerful look at healing and reconciliation.

    Date:                        Friday, November 23, 2007

    Time:                        7 p.m.

    Location:                La Joie de Vivre

    1008-14 St SE, Calgary

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    Aberdeen high school graduate releases book on forgiveness

    When Aberdeen resident Soren Cornforth was violently murdered in 1999, never did his sister Annette (Cornforth) Stanwick of Calgary, Alberta dream her journey of healing would take her into the courtroom where she publicly offered forgiveness to her brother’s murderers.

    Forgiveness changed her heart and life and today she has a passion to help others find freedom and peace in spite of their own painful situations.

    The amazing story of the impact of forgiveness and a process for helping others deal with their own woundedness is found in her newly released book,


    Annette Stanwick is a 1962 graduate of Aberdeen High School, and daughter of the late Leonard and Odella Cornforth of Aberdeen.

    Annette is a dynamic and enthusiastic woman who loves life. A wife and mother, she is Vice President of the world-renowned Gimbel Eye Centre in Calgary. Annette is an inspirational and motivational speaker who boldly encourages people to rise above the obstacles they face. Most of all, she is an ordinary woman sharing an extraordinary experience.

    Annette looks forward to returning to Aberdeen for Aberdeen Days celebrations June 23. She will be available for book sales and book signing during the festivities. For more information regarding “FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE” or to book interviews or speaking engagements the author can be reached at:



    Phone: 403-208-2181 , 403-620-8165 (c)

    Book purchases can be arranged through:

    Heart Message Publishing

    #161-223 Tuscany Spr. Blvd. NW

    Calgary, Alberta T3L 2M2

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