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    Anthony Burbidge

    “Annette has been doing amazing healing work focused on the power of forgiveness, not only here in Canada but around the world. She’s published books on the subject and has a powerful personal story to share as well. If you “google” Annette Stanwick, you’ll see she’s the authentic deal.”

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    “Annette, I want to thank you for helping me to forgive and let go of so much pain in my past! My whole family is a mess and separated. I’ve lost 2 marriages and millions of dollars. People have hurt me and taken advantage of me. I know I haven’t always made good choices, but I learned from your seminar LETTING GO & LIVING FREE and your book, that hanging onto bitterness, regret and hatred will only make me more miserable and will make me an angry bitter man.

    I know I can’t change what’s happened, but I can change how I react from here on out! If I wasn’t so poor now, I would pay for my entire family to come together at a wonderful hotel, to learn from and interact with you all weekend. There is so much healing that needs to happen and my family are scattered far and wide. Forgiveness and letting go has changed my life and heart and I am at peace despite my struggles and ongoing sadness.”


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