” Difficult yesterdays impacted our life.
    Positive choices today, create our tomorrows.”
    Annette Stanwick

    Annette Stanwick

    From time to time we all reach a place in life where we find obstacles, painful experiences or difficult situations that block our progress in life,
    thus creating a need for some assistance or coaching to help us move
    beyond the issues we face.


    When asked how she can help you, Annette says:

    As a Freedom and Forgiveness  Coach
    I work with individuals who are hurting and exhausted from
    the grief, fear, anger, shame and remorse of difficult or painful situations.

    I assist you to face your issues, understand your pain,
    empower you to make positive choices and

    then help you forgive yourself and others and let go of
    the hurt and ineffective behaviours so you
    can experience the freedom and peace you long for and deserve.”


    As a Coach, Annette has decades of personal and professional experience to draw from, along with wisdom and expertise that can guide you in making positive choices to aid your growth, transformation and movement beyond the rough spots that are holding you back from making progress in your own unique situation.

    She will inspire, encourage and empower you in facing:

        • Your challenges
        • Your grief and losses
        • Relationship issues
        • Communication roadblocks and in
        • Letting go of those things that are no longer working in your life.

    Your longing for change will serve as the focus for your time together. Using her skills as a Freedom Facilitator you will be assisted in letting go of painful past experiences, confining fears and limiting beliefs.  You will also gain an understanding of the importance and process of forgiving yourself and others.

    With decades of experience as a health care executive and as an international speaker and author, Annette has experienced and overcome many of the life issues you may be facing.  She has a deep understanding of human behavior and relationships.

    She has successfully coached leaders, employees, patients, families, health care professionals, physicians, optometrists, fellows, private citizens and prison inmates.

    During your sessions with Annette you will:

        • Connect heart to heart with a compassionate and competent communicator
        • Be challenged and empowered for change to get from where you are to where you want to be
        • Use tools and strategies that will empower you for growth, freedom and peace.
        • Achieve goals to aid in transforming your personal and professional life


     To arrange coaching sessions with Annette:

    Call: 1-403-980-6612


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    •  What if I don’t live near where I can meet one on one with Annette?

        Annette is willing to coach you via Skype or by phone.

    • How will the payment of fees be arranged? 

       Annette’s client can pay by cash or credit card.  If the sessions are conducted via Skype or phone, the client will be expected to provide credit card information prior to beginning the session.

       If costly long distance calls from a significant distance and Skype capabilities are not possible, prior arrangements can be made where both Annette and the client can each call into a specific  number where the client would then be responsible for their own telephone fee.

    • If we need coaching as a couple, does Annette charge double the fee?

      No. If the couple’s coaching session includes you both during the same session, Annette bills for one   session only.  If you require individual sessions, then there would be an additional fee for that session.

    • What about confidentiality?

     As a health care professional, Annette understands and respects the importance of absolute confidentiality. You can trust her with your stories, your fears, your difficulties, your secrets and your emotions.




    “I was blessed to spend a wonderful afternoon with Annette Stanwick, as she coached me to a level of excitement that was contagious! She helped me to see my strengths and abilities, and encouraged me to pursue my career objectives in the most enthusiastic, supportive and loving way. She helped me re-write my resume with all the current business terminology and also to provide the employer with a “bang on” cover letter that is sure to land me an interview! Annette has the experience and heart of a true life coach. I definitely would endorse Annette in this field and know that you would also benefit from her wisdom, grace and exceptional work and life experience. Annette is a true friend and a GIFT to anyone who encounters her excitement for life and continued learning. She is inspirational in the truest sense of the word.”
        Louise McDougall




    “Thank you so much for the time, effort and expertise you shared with me during our coaching sessions. You helped me immensely to develop and polish my presentations.  I truly value your input, wisdom, experience and valuable coaching my helping me become a better speaker.”    





    “With Annette’s coaching, Healing Process and Freedom Formula, I acknowledged my anger, fears and unfulfilled dreams, then broke them down so I could make my way through them, which aided me in moving beyond the mild depression I’ve lived with for 7 years. 

    I now feel more like myself!  I laugh more freely, spend more time with friends, AND my doctor is pleased that I’m working through my issues rather than just medicating away my depression.

    ‘You can’t get to the other side if you don’t go through it.’  Well, I want to get to the other side, and the only way to get there is to bust through my fears and grieve the loss of unfulfilled dreams.

     Annette, thank you for showing me the way through!”        NC, Hospice Chaplain




    Today was a life changing experience to be coached by my long -term friend and nursing colleague, Annette Stanwick from more than 30 years ago.

     I’ve recently been through a very stressful, life-changing event, that I’ve overcome, but that experience has given me a new lease on life and a passion to do something for others.

    Annette asked the right questions and then skillfully listened to my answers, helping me focus and organize my thoughts and dreams, along with identifying the next important steps I need to take.

    She inspired me with her contagious enthusiasm, and empowered me to believe in myself and in the things I need to do to get myself going.

    I’ve had experience with other coaches, but Annette’s wisdom and coaching ability has been a real gift to me. I truly feel empowered and excited about making a difference in the lives of others. I am so thankful for this time with Annette and grateful to know she’ll be there to mentor me on this new path.



    “Thank you again, from the bottom of my aching but healing heart!  You really nailed it for me in our
    session! This is the best money I’ve spent in a VERY long time!”  


     “Your heart, insight, wisdom, and listening ear set me free of so much pain. Thank you for providing your Healing Process and Freedom Formula to go by. I will meditate and reach deep into the forgiveness I know is there.

     …. (Later)  How can I express how free you made me that day when you took the time to hear my story. You not only heard my story, you gave me a way to release it. I am ever so grateful!”      


    Throughout several sessions, I found Annette to be wise, intuitive, patient, understanding, supportive and clearly able to aid me in developing a clear and firm position on which I could articulate and implement a go forward position in my company and with a variety of contracts.

    She gave me wise counsel, guided me in devising a chart that outlines my comparative roles and then even role played an upcoming conversation to give me confidence in speaking with important individuals re these issues.  I feel empowered and assured that I can make important decisions and take action with my company and still honour and respect the needs of my contract clients. I am very grateful.”        Wanda Reinholdt                            




    “Thank you for your listening ear and meaningful insights and suggestions as we shared the difficulties in our life. We are grateful for the precious time you spent with us as a couple and for helping us navigate the rough spots.”      MHC



    “Thank you so much for your wise counsel in helping me polish my presentation. You are an phenomenal speaker, and I sincerely value your experience, wisdom and input as I move forward with my own speaking.”        JH


    “My adult children and I came just to have you autograph your books, but we all left  having healed some deep family relationship issues. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us face and heal our issues with each other.”                      



     To arrange coaching sessions with Annette:

    Call: 1-403-980-6612