Keynotes and Seminars


    Annette speaks to a wide variety of audiences-both secular and faith based in nature.  She tailors her messages to meet the needs of each audience.
    Her professional background and personal experience gives her the expertise and ability to inspire secular audiences, business organizations, professional associations and community groups.

    Her deep faith in God and inspirational messages bring encouragement and hope to churches and faith based groups.  


    “Annette Stanwick is a meeting planner’s dream!

    She grabs your attention; then keeps you spellbound with
    life changing stories, insights, humor and strategies we all need to hear.

    Her energy, vulnerability and compassion are the empowering
    springboard of captivating messages that speak to things that matter
    most in our lives: 
    happiness, home, relationships, faith, work and success”.

    Dr. Paula Fellingham, Human  Relations Expert,
    Speaker, Author,
    Founder and CEO of The Women’s Information Network

    Annette understands that tough stuff happens in life.  She says:

    “We may not be able to chose what happens to us,

    but we always have a choice in how we respond.”


    See portions of her message below:  “WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE”