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    Annette Stanwick is an enthusiastic, inspirational speaker and author with a passion for living life to the fullest.
    As a Freedom Facilitator her greatest joy is in aiding her audiences in
    letting go of negative, fearful and hurtful situations so they can be:

    Successful in relationships and roles in society
    Effective in business

     She empowers individuals to dismantle negative emotions and experiences that:

    Kill their happiness
    Create their pain
    Destroy health and relationships
    Sabotage success


    Annette’s  captivating messages impact the hearts and lives of those in her audience. Decades of experience as a health care professional, organizational leader and a life-time of learning in the trenches of life’s peaks and valleys gives her powerful insights for living, working and overcoming obstacles. The thrill of seeing lives changed inspires her to keep speaking and writing.


    Her book, FORGIVENESS: The Mystery And Miracle is quoted by international best selling author
    Les Hewitt as being:
    “A masterpiece of personal growth and triumph that turns the aftermath of a tragic murder into a model for healing.”


    Lucille Mandin, Ph.D., University of Alberta has described her work as “A gift to humanity.”
    “She is sure to challenge you to rise above and overcome life’s difficulties.

    She will enlighten you and change you, yet bring you hope and inspiration for your journey.”




    Strategies for eliminating grudges, gripes and grief.
    Discover how your personal happiness and freedom are shaped
    by your everyday choices.

    Facing life’s obstacles with strength and triumph.
    Learn to harness your fear and other negative emotions
    so you can achieve the success you long for.

    The art of achieving joyous living in spite of the turmoil.
    Uncover your unique resources and human qualities
    to create your own happiness formula.

    Techniques for living life with freedom, passion and purpose.
    Finding your inner strength to rise above and triumph
    over adversity, conflict and difficult situations.


    Tips for responding to the pressures, emotional bombshells and landmines
    that destroy team cohesion and erode the bottom line.
    Improve your effectiveness and the unity and productivity of your organization.



    Eliminating the grudges, gripes and grief that weaken effectiveness,
    concentration, productivity and problem solving
    in the workplace.
    Strategies for improving team cohesion, creativity, happiness and personal effectiveness.



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    December 7, 2017

      ” Annette recently presented “Let Go and Live Free” for the participants of our 6 week YWCA Women’s Employment Program at YW Calgary.  She is an engaging and impactful speaker who delivers a powerful message on how to bring more happiness and freedom into your life. Annette speaks with integrity, heart and passion, sharing personal stories of overcoming immense challenges in her own life. Many of the program participants commented on how influential Annette’s talk was with giving them a brand new perspective on their struggles and motivation to incorporate strategies in their own lives to overcome obstacles and move forward. Annette has an extraordinary gift to inspire and empower individuals to be courageous, resilient, and free!”

    Shelley Jessop, Team Lead
    Career Development Practitioner,
    Calgary YW

    Comments from  YWCA attendees:

    • “I LOVED IT & YOU! You actually changed my thinking about myself.”
    • “I’m going away feeling hope for my situation.”
    •  “You shared many stories and principles that were just what I needed to hear.”
    • “I now feel strong and confident that I can deal with whatever life brings.”
    • “You answered our questions with real life experience, wisdom and confidence – not just theory.”
    •  “I could listen to you for an entire weekend. Your workshop was the best in this 4 week course”
     Annette’s message LETTING GO AND LIVING FREE was passionate, mesmerizing and life changing!
    She touched each of our hearts in a way no one else could. She offered hope, healing and tools to turn our lives around. 
    What a blessing!”  B-Delburne, Alberta


    Your presentation, FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE is really what we needed. We have family members that have cost us a lot of money and land. It will take time, but I believe we can forgive and let go of the past and we can be free! Thank you!”       Layne A.




    “I realize now that I can take responsibility for the pain I’ve caused, and by being open and honest I can forgive myself and others. I truly believe now that it is healthy to release and let go of the pain.”



    “After hearing you speak, I knew I needed help in dealing with the multiple suicides in our family. Thank you for listening without judgment and helping me find some new perspectives. I know your counsel will help me and my family to release the pain and emotions that have a strangle hold on us.”



    “Annette is an outstanding, inspirational speaker with a very compelling message that will enable anyone with any type of problem to be happier and to live a more joyful life.”

    “I’m struggling with relationship, stress and forgiveness issues.  I didn’t want to come to this event, but now I know why I came.  I needed to hear you! You have really helped me and helped me make some real changes in my attitude and my life. Thank you”  – University Student