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    Annette Stanwick is sought after as an international speaker, award-winning author and Global Freedom Facilitator with decades of experience as a health care professional and a degree in nursing.

    Life hasn’t always been easy for Annette, but through positive personal choices and being open to growth in spite of difficulties, she has learned the most through times of adversity.  The tragic murder of her beloved brother was one such experience.  Feeling led to forgive her brother’s murderers, the peace and freedom she experienced was life altering, giving her a passion to help others release their own negative and hurtful experiences.

    Seeing lives changed and individuals liberated from their painful experiences brings joy to Annette as she shares real-life stories, valuable insights, life-altering strategies and the keys to personal freedom regardless of life’s circumstances.

    Lives and hearts are changed by her dynamic, transformational heart to heart messages. She inspires and empowers individuals and groups to make positive choices, face their fears, and let go of painful experiences and ultimately to forgive themselves and others.

    Annette customizes her messages for diverse audiences of women, university students, corporations, professional associations, business leaders, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, churches and prison inmates.

    The Women’s Information Network hosts her show FORGIVE-LET GO- LIVE FREE! As a result of her expertise and award-winning book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLEAnnette has made numerous television appearances, media interviews and on-line shows.  She is a recipient of Rotary International’s Integrity Award presented for Personal and Professional Excellence and was recently recognized as a member of Cambridge Who’s Who.


    • Was born and raised on a farm and ranch in Idaho.
    • Has decades of experience as a health care professional and health care executive.
    • Worked as Vice President of a large hospital in Toronto
    • Worded as Vice President Medical Affairs of world-renowned Gimbel Eye Centre.
    • Understands the importance of relationships in everything we do.
    • Has gone through many difficult and painful life experiences but lives life with enthusiasm, joy, passion and purpose despite those difficulties.
    • Knows the shear pain of murder and other terrifying and traumatic experiences.
    • Forgave her brothers murderers.
    • Is the award-winning and best-selling author of FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE.
    • Has a passion for helping audiences and readers to let go of painful past experiences.
    • Is sought after as a speaker for international audiences of women, university students, professional associations, business organizations, churches and prison inmates.
    • Hosts the show FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE! on the women’s Information Network
    • Rides her own Harley Davidson motorcycle.
    • Rode a motorcycle down the aisle of a university and high school auditoriums.
    • Spent 3 years in Ethiopia with her husband Clay. There she delivered babies in the mud huts, held family planning clinics and taught health to Ethiopian students.
    • Has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.


    To assist you in interviewing Annette, feel free to use these downloadable Sample Interview Questions:

    1. What prompted you to write the award-winning book FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE?
    2. When you forgave your brother’s murderer in the courtroom, how did that experience impact you personally?
    3. Many people have difficulty in forgiving others. Help us understand why people withhold forgiveness?
    4. What are the most common negative emotions people hang onto?
    5. How do those negative emotions impact our relationships, our health, our work environment and even our success?
    6. Why is it so hard to forgive and let go of the past?
    7. What is the most important thing we can do to begin the process of letting go of our painful experiences?
    8. What steps do you suggest to help individuals in letting go of their own difficult situations in life?
    9. Why do you do what you do, such as writing books, public speaking, conducting seminars and recording shows and videos?
    10. Explain what you mean when you say forgiveness is a mystery.
    11. Explain how forgiveness is a miracle.

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