Annette Stanwick invited to be show host on The Women’s Information Network (TheWin)

    The Women’s Information Network Show FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE, provides helpful strategies for letting go of the hurts.

    Calgary, Alberta, March 1, 2010 – We live in a world of hurting, angry and fearful people.  It seems no one is immune in our homes and communities. Media headlines shout stories of lonely, hurting, abused and wounded people of every type.  Hurting people often hurt others, creating an unending cycle of bitterness and pain. We need a way to bring healing and relief into our painful places.

    Annette Stanwick says, “Forgiveness and letting go of the pain is a simple yet startling solution to solving the wounds we hang onto. We often refuse to forgive, because we want to lash out and hurt the one who hurt us.” Speaker, Author and Freedom Facilitator, Stanwick understands this because she lived it. She is a woman whose faith in God sustained her through extreme circumstances of trauma, trials and even the murder of her brother.

    Hosted by The Women’s Information Network Annette Stanwick’s new on-line show,  FORGIVE-LET GO- LIVE FREE!HYPERLINK is creating a pathway of hope and healing for women experiencing all types of wounds and all types of situations.

    As a FREEDOM FACILITATOR, her show aids listeners in overcoming painful life experiences, paralyzing fears and self-limiting beliefs; enabling them to move on to a life of freedom and peace. This show is full of authenticity, real life stories and practical solutions to the problems we all face from time to time.

    On her show FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE! you will:

    • learn to forgive and let go of the painful stuff of life
    • realize you’re not alone in your struggles
    • find steps to navigate the rough spots on your own unique journey

    ABOUT ANNETTE: Forgiveness is not just a theory for Annette Stanwick. Her award-winning book FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle chronicles her journey of healing that lead her to publicly forgive her brother’s murderer in the courtroom, resulting in a freedom and peace she never thought was possible.  The book also outlines a healing process that serves as a pathway of hope for individuals experiencing all types of wounds-big or small. Annette is sought after as an inspirational speaker with decades of experience as a health care executive. For more information visit  HYPERLINK“”

    ABOUT The Women’s Information Network (The WIN):

    The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) provides high-quality content and relevant solutions to a vibrant online and offline community of women worldwide. Audio and video shows are accessible in multiple media formats and presented by expert.  Show Hosts who focus on the needs and interests of women. Far more than just a content provider, the WIN allows women to connect and create relationships with like-minded women in ways no other entity has embraced. For more information, visit HYPERLINK “”.

    For information regarding FORGIVE-LET GO-LIVE FREE! or to book  interviews or speaking engagements, contact:

    Heart Message Productions
    Phone: 403-208-2181  © 403-620-8165

    March 1,2010

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