International Speaker, Award-winning Author and former Aberdeen resident, Annette Cornforth-Stanwick, shares insights and inspiration
    with Aberdeen residents and students.

     Aberdeen, Idaho – On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, the seminar “FORGIVE – LET GO, – LIVE FREE!” presented by Annette Cornforth-Stanwick will assist attendees in eliminating negative emotions, painful past experiences and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck in painful past experiences.

    People hang onto anger, bitterness, fear and resentment as a result of difficult and hurtful situations in their relationships, communities, workplace and schools as well as in their own homes. Unless individuals know how to let go of painful experiences, they can carry negative emotions for a very long time – even the rest of their lives.

    Stanwick’s enthusiasm and passion for helping others release negative emotions and painful experiences comes from her intimate experience with the life changing power of forgiveness. When her brother, Soren Cornforth – a former Aberdeen resident, was murdered in Virginia, she never dreamed she would publicly forgive his killer in the courtroom.

    As a Speaker, Freedom Facilitator and Coach with decades of experience as a health care executive, Stanwick has studied psychology, leadership and human behavior and has authored the award-winning and best-selling book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY & MRACLE. The book is based on her knowledge and experiences with forgiveness and letting go but also addresses many painful situations we all experience from time to time.

    Stanwick’s father, Leonard S. Cornforth, a well-known Aberdeen resident, served on several local committees, was instrumental in establishing The Soil Conservation District and was elected to serve as a State Representative in the Idaho State Legislature.

    Stanwick says, “People ultimately search for happiness and freedom from pain.” Her books and inspirational presentations are helping thousands around the world to find freedom, peace and happiness in their lives.


    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 @ 7:00 – 9:00 pm
    Aberdeen Middle School
    318 West Washington
    Aberdeen, Idaho
    REGISTRATION FEE: $10 at the door
    Pre-register by calling:


    A recent attendee says:

    “I’ve lost 2 marriages and millions of dollars. People have hurt me and taken advantage of me. I haven’t always made good choices, but I learned from your seminar and book, that hanging onto bitterness, regret and hatred will only make me an angry bitter man. Forgiveness and letting go has changed my life and heart and I am at peace despite my struggles and ongoing sadness. Thank you for helping me to forgive and let go of so much pain!’                 Lawrence C


    Stanwick will also be presenting a message of “UNSTOPPABLE JOY” to King’s Daughters of First Mennonite Church on March 7 and will present anti-bullying messages to Aberdeen High School, Middle School and Elementary School students on Thursday, March 10.

    For more information or to book Annette for an interview please contact:

     Annette Cornforth-Stanwick (403-620-8165)


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