Hurting people need help to heal wounds

    Media headlines shout stories of rage, murder, abuse, trauma, abandonment and loss of every type. Everyday we are reminded we live in a world of hurting, angry and fearful people.  It seems no one is immune.  Hurting people often hurt others, creating an unending cycle of bitterness and pain. We need a way to address the hurt and bring the healing power of God into our painful places.

    Author Annette Stanwick says, “Forgiveness is a simple yet startling solution to solving the wounds we experience almost daily. However, we often refuse to forgive, because rather than letting God handle the insult or painful experience, we want to lash out and hurt the one who hurt us.” The author understands this because she lived it. She is a woman whose faith in God sustained her through extreme circumstances of trauma, trials and deep loss.

    Forgiveness is not just a theory for author Annette Stanwick. The book “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle” is an amazing account of her own journey of healing that lead her to publicly forgive her brother’s murderer in the courtroom, resulting in a freedom and peace she never thought was possible.
    Not only does Stanwick share a compelling narrative of triumph over tragedy, she also creates a path of hope for her readers to heal through the use of insightful personal applications that make the book beneficial for their lives.  Each chapter also contains a process that gently guides them in exploring their own personal situation, giving this book a healing quality that aids individuals and groups in navigating their own painful or troublesome situations. A prayer at the end of each chapter enables the reader to bring God into their unique circumstances.
    Stanwick says, “The miracle of forgiveness is like being released from a prison; the prison of anger, resentment, bitterness, guilt and shame.   It’s like a huge burden is lifted and you finally are able to feel happiness and peace once again. That’s the experience God desires for us when we accept his gift of forgiveness and when we allow him to help us heal.”

    Rev. Bob Glasgow, Grief Support Program Coordinator says, “This profound book leads all of us to realize our need for courage, honesty, prayer, forgiveness and ultimately God.”

    Annette Stanwick has a passion for helping others find a way to rise above the difficult obstacles they face, encouraging them to make positive choices that encourage an intimate relationship with God, allowing him to create something meaningful from the troublesome situations in their lives.
    As a Freedom Facilitator and sought after speaker, with decades of experience, her enthusiastic messages come from the heart, inspiring audiences of Christian women, Christian college and university students, psychiatrists, professional counselors, organizational leaders, church groups, prison inmates, restorative justice interest groups and others.   Her presentations ignite individuals with courage to trust God and to be the best they can be regardless of their past or present circumstances.

    “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery And Miracle”, published by Heart Message Publishing retails for $18.95 and is available nationally at local and on-line book stores.

    For further information about “FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle” and for further information about Annette Stanwick, speaker, author and Freedom Facilitator, please contact Sharon Castlen at 631-979-5990 or visit

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